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钟​敏​杰 - Almost Nearly Probably Very Close

from there is no music from china by Various Artists



Zhong Minjie 钟敏杰
Almost Nearly Probably Very Close

3 emails from Zhong Minjie, translated by Google:

Finished, the classic tree (www.classic-trees.com) has been updated. To the composition of the works are above, you listen to what will be next? Is the third, and the first finished feeling very bad, failed. The second, opened the head, that line is worth digging about, so the time is too late. If you feel inappropriate on the album, it does not matter, I turned under the bottom of the box, there are some previous four-track machine of the old works, the real tape works, when you can also listen to. Translation of what can be, but if some better Kingsoft, google has been heard very high-end, high accuracy, may not translate the soil taste. Just suggestions.

Amount, do not know the letter is not some misunderstanding? Soil is a good thing, for example: my things have been quite earth. In addition, my English is very general, the two Chinese guys in the mail Biao English is also a bit embarrassing. Speaking of translation, just think of the works of an artist in Guangdong, his long-term use Kingsoft for a variety of translation, the final text effect is like a variety of short-term sparks of words and consciousness. In the pursuit of the new are accurate, he was playing soil, dig some more fundamental things. In this sense, I support domestic, support the soil. The new play is not much, see the right to use, how to use is their own account, I think so. Told you to listen to it again and again also guess, may be abrupt. Or tell you, that work is "almost the most likely to be the closest", literally be a response to the composition, relatively simple, on the nail and hammer, in fact, only semi-finished products, will continue for some time. The content form is somewhat repetitive, it can also be edited according to the capacity of editing. Look forward to your criticism!

These days have been busy moving, only to re-connect the network today. Head big, a lot of things outside the body, to feel very stupid when moving. Perhaps should sell all of those records, the last to sell all the records is 0506 years, the beginning of some frustration, slowly on the refreshing. I met an intuitive feel that when the thief is a guy, and my heart figured a bit and his contact with the details, all point to the real idea. New home lock very old, low cost of crime ah. Do you live alone? um, yes. Such a big house, moving a lot of things, right? Yep. what's your job? Swimmer, training every day. Come on, get down to one vote. Apple I have been too slow, and material I have a good backup. Records and books should be too heavy bar, audio equipment, I can buy. This is also a notice to see what I think the real thing. Notice itself is a long-term plan, it should be some initial ideas, as long as the grasp of the idea of ​​expanding out first. Not only to prevent their own too loose and has no intention, but also by the way and desire to see how many gaps between. All of the trailer is concentrated desire, is the desire to strengthen the agent, is the bond, is claiming ghosts, or repeated folding trails.
Daolang that song is not a special election, are run into, but also nice, listen more appropriate. I use it as a test-specific song to use. Works length you can edit on demand, the attachment is aif version. "Too loose" that song should not be used. Those small voice lined up one by one team, feeling a bit loose, some comfortable. The scene also has some gradual changes, but not very obvious. One of the benefits of doing sound is to be able to escape from the specific recording scenarios, I heard what is, very free. "A game", "tools", I will do a little later, should be able to tomorrow. Thank you for recommending my work site.



from there is no music from china, released June 30, 2017









Zoomin' Night Beijing, China

Zoomin' Night
燥眠夜 is a cassette label based in Beijing, run by Zhu Wenbo since 2015.


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