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李​维​思 - Indication

from there is no music from china by Various Artists



Li Weisi - Indication
"Hello my dear friend, first of all, first thing first, really thank you for buying this tape. It is a compilation called as the name you just saw on the cover, or not on the cover ? I don`t know, because when I wrote this info, I just don`t know what the cover would be designed. I guess it would be, a photo from early years, like last century, mid 1980s, some very happy looking grandma & grandpa & young men dancing on Tian An Men square, along with the letter "There is no music from China". Actually I think it is somehow a little bit hard to tell if it is true or not, even I live here everyday. But it is not important, if finally the cover designed like what I assumed, it would be more fun I think. By the way, I tell them to cut off all the tapes` belt at the beginning, but the label think it is a little bit risky for their customers (You !), so it should be plan B : selling the tapes with a pair of Chinese scissor, then you could choose to cut it or not by yourself. But unfortunately, i just lack of money these days, the scissors are too expensive for me. So i suggest you could go to your local China Town (if no China Town, try eBay) to find a nice and new Chinese style one if you like some ceremony feeling, to complete the work. Cheers."

李维思 - 指令
“亲爱的朋友们你们好,首先,首先的首先,非常感谢你们买这盒磁带。这是一个合辑,标题你们已经在封面上看见了,或者封面上没有印标题?我不知道,因为我写这些的时候,我还不知道封面会是怎么设计的。我猜会是一张老照片,比如上个世纪,八十年代中期,一些特别开心的大爷大妈和年轻人在天安门广场上跳舞,旁边是标题“There is no music from China”。事实上,我想,有点难说这是真的还是假的,甚至我每天都住在这里也还是说不上。但是这不重要,如果封面真的像我想的那样设计,应该会更有意思。顺便说一下,我跟他们说,从一开始就把所有的磁带都剪断,但是厂牌觉得这对顾客(你!)来说有点冒险,所以我就想了B计划:随磁带送一个中国剪刀,然后你可以自己决定剪还是不剪。但是很遗憾,我最近没钱,对我来说剪刀太贵了。所以我建议,要是你喜欢一种仪式感的话,你可以自己去附近的唐人街(要是没有唐人街,就上eBuy)找一把好用的新的中国式剪刀,来完成这件作品。干杯!


from there is no music from china, released June 30, 2017
Li Weisi 李维思

email conversation between Dong Xing (who is not a musician but also was invited to join the project), Li Weisi, Zhu Wenbo and Yan Jun:

It is quite an arguable statement, will get back to you soon. 


I believe you! although I have only seen as an audience. But I think this is not a "musician's project". 

zhu wenbo

Ah, finally I find out what Li Weisi want to do.... Make me smile. Hope someone will do it, not make it as a joke. 
Scissor idea remind old Chinese fans the "cut-out" cassette days, though I'm afraid there is no customer for this tape belong to this group. Erase plan is much common for foreign audience I think, if they REALLY want to destroy it:)

zhu wenbo

ah i didn't realize that links to dakou.
there are always some hardcore collectors do whatever artist ask to do. let's see...

yan jun

Hi people (that includes those 'friends' and 'guys' ):
I seriously doubt about the idea of offering a pair of scissors which reminds me how those old school consumerist magazines along with the giveaway commodities effectively function as doorsteps. 
Also, one shall be permitted to do anything to a cassette, preferably his/her own property, regardless to what the 'ARTIST' ask them to do. A given ORDER -- is potentially, if not fundamentally, a Nazist action that demand its object obeying. Why would a hardcore collector do whatever artist ask to do? Is it because he or she is too hardcore about collecting and its relevant consumerist ideology so that he or she lost the capability of critically perceive an artist's piece of work? That sounds strikingly miserable. Perhaps it is me that could understand the aesthetic of repressiveness, but there are really more than one way to express an urge for provocation, with some manner, an invitation. 
In a more materialized level, I neither get the aesthetic of scissors. A device for a destructive consequence, can be much more simpler/minimal/elegant, namely a piece of single razor blade -- with certain level of danger it reaffirm the subject's wiliness, you have to be more conscious of this action of cutting. Also more practical economical wise.
And -- since the reason for this awkward group mail ORDERED to be in English was ... 'to forget China. ', I'm quite confused when Zhu mentioned the term 'foreign audience', which 'foreign' are you exactly referring to?? Or that was just an example of the failure of this somewhat absurd attempt, it might not even be able to justify itself as an attempt, but merely some, saying.


great to have you in discussion!
my opinion, razor is similar as scissor. both are metaphor for the violent action of cutting tape / defunctionalize music.
first at all, weisi, is it means to imply the dakou history? if so, both razor and scissor are not direct enough as a saw. if not, i prefer erase which is simple.
the second point is this is not nazi. because you don't have to do so. it's a trick: to have one work perfect, you have to destroy other's work. it's rather mimicking a form of politics situation. perhaps a bad politics. but you, the audience, decide.
then i guess there was a point about "forget china" you were not in present. i forget where it appeared first time but that was not seriously. perhaps was when i suggest gao jiafeng to do so, while he was heading home to china. a joke. the reason to use english is we don't want to take the translation task. and we love chinglish:)
let's cut them all!

yan jun

It is pretty interesting, for different thinking aspects on one thing, and some aspects i haven`t realized. I advise the discussion in all the mails could become a part of the project, in some suitable form.
About the plan, i haven`t realize it would recall the memories of Chinese dakou history before this word appeared in our mails. Same situation on the political aspect -- the Nazi and the destruction of other`s work. But i think it is really interesting not because they all have relations with China more or less, but because they are not arranged, out of my expectation -- it could make the trick more tricky.
Because the idea is really simple, same as Yan Jun said in a sense: what i am doing is just a trick. Farther more, i want it would be a absurd humor;  I got a scissor, what, you told me there are no music from China, so cut it or not? Actually, no matter believe it or not, u got a vintage Chinese scissor as a gift. "Seriously, I am really not serious at all", that is it.
But to me the point i care more is, a simple trick is absolutely a different thing from a not-so-simple trick, even they have an almost same principle in essence -- the different point doesn`t means better or worse, it only related with and reflected the creator`s habit, character, personality, in a word, humanity.
So, if Yan Jun doing it, i guess it will be just shown as an erase tape order speech -- that`s very Yan Jun; If Dong Xing doing it, i guess it will be like Criterion Collection`s feeling -- or totally another plan -- that`s very Dong Xing; If I doing it, i will insist on using a concrete object -- scissors, blade, saw are all ok -- and will choose the saw if possible. And, all these 3 plans have totally different focus points.
As it is so interesting, now i got a new trick about it. Plays like this:
1, NAZI plan. Won`t record the speech, but print it. Except the printed speech, there is no any other info about the tape (except each track`s owner) . And the tape has been cut at the beginning already, if the audience want to play it, he has to fix it. 
2, Scissor plan. No change as before.
3, Erase plan. The speech is a short order, then 5mins silence, then an asking like: Why are you still playing it ???
And our 5 people vote for these 3 plans. Can not give up vote right. I vote for the NAZI plan. But I am not NAZI !


I think both Nazi plan and scissor plan are fine. I prefer them better than erase plan. Maybe I vote each 0.5 for these two?

zhu wenbo

When I mention Nazism I was not suggesting this action or 'recording - replay' as a system to be Nazist, so the realization or actual consequence of obeying are not the precondition of my argument. I was talking about the very nature of AN ORDER, linguistically and logically. An action does not necessarily to be Nazist in reality even there is a Nazist logic undermined, in this context the mechanism of this very speech. 
I did certainly get the paradox there (the completing of one's work as the same time destructing others), but all I was saying is that it can be done as an inquiry, a relatively neutral gesture. Having said that, I really think The Artist should be fully responsible for his or her work hence the total freedom as well, so Nazism is obviously choosable if the artist desired. I do not want to against Li if he is determined to use this ORDER in his work,  I'm just raising this issue since I doubt you were aware of. Then again to develop a piece of work via voting is ... r .. e .  ..a .. ll...y .. ..   ..  .. n .. .o ... t ... a good idea, for me, as I really think artists should take their responsibility for their own work so please make your own decision. However, we can have a voting on whether or not it shall be included in the tape, and I guarantee you that would be a really bad politic. :)
Seriously I don't care much about the physical form of the device used to practice this act of 'cutting', plus I really do not think the metaphorical quality should be prioritized than other ones. Both blades and scissors may effectively function in various circumstances including murdering, it is truly up to the listener/user to freely practice their own will and rights and take the consequences and responsibilities. After all, to cut a piece of magnetic band is really not making many points for listeners, from my perspective, they should cut villain's neck with it, or open a summery love letter.
'u got a vintage Chinese scissor as a gift' that is exactly what I was saying in last mail, a common practice which VOGUE would do. I mean, is there any solid criticism there you want to bring up Li? If not why this mimicry of a bundle selling? I understand you want to bring up this physical property of the destruction, you can also suggest your listeners to use their teeth, or any other hardware tools available. Also, I don't quite understand the Criterion Collection thing, I understand that is a dvd publishing and distribution company but I really don't understand why I was considered as such. I (kind of) don't like companies in any kinds, I have never worked for a company and hopefully would never in the future. 
Finally, I fully understand this English-writing-convenient but then again, why couldn't we just be frank at the first place? Why had it to be articulated in some other way, 'To forget China?', to make it looks decent? I admit that I really couldn't get the point if that is a joke. May I ask how do you find it funny? Zhu and everyone? I really find this 'looking for an excuse' thing so 'China', exactly how bureaus dealing with public issues. If you want to justify it by saying it is a mimicry of 'looking for a meaningless excuse', then we are talking about APPROPRIATION, in which case, I couldn't see any valid intention, awareness or perspective of using this device.


i feel so nice to have a lot to read and think and talk!
i guess li was not really want us vote, do you? i don't vote anyway. i just speak my opinion. if others vote my work i would be very happy to listen and never follow (as last time the audiences-want-list performance i did at fruity space).
forget china for me is a joke. but of course zhu might has different idea. he could be either serious or not. this title started from a joke, a play of words. and the point of this game, for me, is "music". i.e. if there is no music from china then what hell are these tracks? i might also have suggested don't think about chinese music or china. but this is really not important as even i forgot it at all..
ah, let's don't put the last sentences above into liner note! it's secret!

yan jun

hmm, if not pre-cut, i think scissors neither necessary.
just let the customer using their own tools is ok
So i need to replace the end letters of the work info.













我猜李维思并不是真的要我们投票吧,真的吗?反正我不投。我只是说说我的观点。要是别人对我的作品投票我会很高兴去听但是绝不会顺着做(就像上次在 fruity space的“观众心愿单”表演那样)。





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