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there is no music from china

by Various Artists

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Li Weisi - Indication "Hello my dear friend, first of all, first thing first, really thank you for buying this tape. It is a compilation called as the name you just saw on the cover, or not on the cover ? I don`t know, because when I wrote this info, I just don`t know what the cover would be designed. I guess it would be, a photo from early years, like last century, mid 1980s, some very happy looking grandma & grandpa & young men dancing on Tian An Men square, along with the letter "There is no music from China". Actually I think it is somehow a little bit hard to tell if it is true or not, even I live here everyday. But it is not important, if finally the cover designed like what I assumed, it would be more fun I think. By the way, I tell them to cut off all the tapes` belt at the beginning, but the label think it is a little bit risky for their customers (You !), so it should be plan B : selling the tapes with a pair of Chinese scissor, then you could choose to cut it or not by yourself. But unfortunately, i just lack of money these days, the scissors are too expensive for me. So i suggest you could go to your local China Town (if no China Town, try eBay) to find a nice and new Chinese style one if you like some ceremony feeling, to complete the work. Cheers." 李维思 - 指令 “亲爱的朋友们你们好,首先,首先的首先,非常感谢你们买这盒磁带。这是一个合辑,标题你们已经在封面上看见了,或者封面上没有印标题?我不知道,因为我写这些的时候,我还不知道封面会是怎么设计的。我猜会是一张老照片,比如上个世纪,八十年代中期,一些特别开心的大爷大妈和年轻人在天安门广场上跳舞,旁边是标题“There is no music from China”。事实上,我想,有点难说这是真的还是假的,甚至我每天都住在这里也还是说不上。但是这不重要,如果封面真的像我想的那样设计,应该会更有意思。顺便说一下,我跟他们说,从一开始就把所有的磁带都剪断,但是厂牌觉得这对顾客(你!)来说有点冒险,所以我就想了B计划:随磁带送一个中国剪刀,然后你可以自己决定剪还是不剪。但是很遗憾,我最近没钱,对我来说剪刀太贵了。所以我建议,要是你喜欢一种仪式感的话,你可以自己去附近的唐人街(要是没有唐人街,就上eBuy)找一把好用的新的中国式剪刀,来完成这件作品。干杯!
李松 - Nib 06:00


Co-Published with New Zealand label End of the Alphabet
Compiled by Yan Jun and Zhu Wenbo
Mastered by Lasse Marhaug

Zhu Wenbo:

In a December afternoon, or late November, on the way to a living-room-tour host's home, Yan Jun told me about this plan: a compilation named "there is no music from china". 5 months later, we start to do it; 3 months passed, it nearly stopped; another 3 months passed, we start to talk about it again... And now is March, 2017, 15 months to that sunshine afternoon.
we wrote email to friends, always said that,"we want to use the mail text as the line note, that's why we write you in English, Also, hope this could make us forget about china in a while." But, sorry, it is so hard for me to forget it.
"Forget" is not "Avoid". I mean, it is hard to forget China, just like hard to avoid music. Ten years ago, I saw people talking about "noise or sound art is NOT music". I think I have saw some viewpoint that noise is a bigger, wider extent than music. I can't agree that. It is hard for me describe what is / isn't music, I only know that, music could contain more things than we thought before.
I think, the things I do, my friends in this compilation do, is to drift apart from the self-music-experience, to some new place. Like monkey king, if he jump more, he could find more finger mountains before his face. I don't think it is shame.

Yan Jun:

for me to forget china is a joke. though most of time i don't aware i'm yan jun, i'm chinese, i'm sitting in a room, etc. but when you speak this it's always impossible to be done.
and write in english is not just for save time and money of translation but also a way to make us uncomfortable, uncertain, or unspeakable.
i would like to see how others react to this joke and this somehow strange situation. i don't really care if people thinking about "what is music or no-music", "what is china" and "what is the identity and boundary". i hope we feel it.
as you know it's quite popular to question "what is music?" today. and it's not popular enough to question "what means the center (china=zhongguo=the country in the center of the world) and how we treat the others?" and "why we always say we, us and our?" or "how to eliminate an object which has been objectified by yourself?" yes i think about those and i feel my thinking by the instant perception of music practice.
thanx my friends!

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released June 30, 2017


十二月的一个下午,或者是十一月末的一个下午,去一个“客厅巡演”的客厅的路上,颜峻告诉我这个计划:一个叫做“there is no music from china”的合辑。5个月后,我们开始行动;又过了3个月,它差不多停顿了;又过了3个月,我们开始重新讨论……现在是2017年3月,离那个阳光不错的下午已经15个月了。






合辑的标题我没有翻译。因为“there is no music from china”是双关语,既是“没有音乐来自中国”,也是“来自中国的非音乐”。高嘉丰在他的作品里,用了“中国没有音乐”,这是他个人的翻译。另外,李松的作品标题,nib,有“尖”的意思,也有“半字符”的意思,搞不清楚,又不想问,就没有翻译。





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